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Our Story

MGK Hospitality’s adventurous journey began on the corner of 14th St on the Westside in the spring of 2015. This cozy 1400SF and long time vacant spot turned out to be one of the busiest Japanese restaurants in Atlanta and was named Wagaya meaning ‘Our Home’. From sushi, sashimi, donburi to curry and ramen the well rounded all-in-one authentic Japanese concept was something the people in the city were waiting for.

Its success led to the opening of our second location at Emory Village in the summer of 2017. With Emory University across from us it did not take long to spread the word throughout campus and our neighborhood to fill up the restaurant.

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MGK stands for “Magokoro” which means all of one’s heart and sincerity in Japanese.

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At the end of 2018, with the exit of Better Half next door to Wagaya on the Westside, MGK Hospitality decided to take over the space and offer a new, unique and challenging concept that Atlanta has never seen before - Robata Yaki (the art of charcoal grilling) & Sake Pairing. We finally opened the third location in the summer of 2019 and named it Chirori after a sake drink-ware. It has always been our Founder and CEO Takashi Otsuka’s strong passion to spread Japanese culture and to introduce the exhilarating world of sake to our amazing and diverse city of Atlanta.

At the same time we were conceptualizing Chirori, a new project was taking shape across the highway in Midtown on 10th St. Recent steady economic growth and redevelopment in the area provided the confidence and certainty that regardless of the proximity to our existing restaurants within the group, there is going to be an increasing demand for Japanese food. Understanding the hectic city life, the concept of Nagomiya meaning ‘House of Tranquility’ came to exist in the hopes that everyone living the fast-paced lifestyle can stop and take a moment to enjoy a tranquil, calm and casual dining atmosphere. This newest project is now complete and ready to host your next event or party!

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Join Our Team

We are always seeking for motivated individuals who desire to work in full-service restaurants and learn about the customer service and Japanese culture. If you are interested, please contact us.

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